10 Concorde Place, Don Mills

May 25, 2021

May 25, 2021


Presently the site is occupied by a 10-storey office building, an above grade parking structure, and a surface parking lot.


An application was submitted to the City back in 2018. It proposed to develop a portion of the lands at 10-12 Concorde Place with a 39-storey mixed-use building containing 579 dwelling units, retail and community uses at grade and three levels of underground parking. The proposed development would have an overall gross floor area of 46,202 square meters, of which 44,489 square meters will be residential gross floor area. The 1,713 square meters will be non-residential gross floor area as part of this application, of which 528 square meters is proposed to be “community use space”. The applicant proposed to provide 488 vehicular parking spaces in three levels of below grade parking as well as 579 bicycle parking spaces will be provided and an additional 154 short-term bicycle parking spaces on the ground floor. The project is still in the rezoning faze.



As the “Don Mills Residents Inc” (DMRI) informed us in their last issue, the ownership of this site has changed; it is now owned by the same group that owns the 175 Wynford Drive in Don Mills. We were anticipating a revised application from the previous owner based on community input. At this time we suspect the application might take another turn based on what we have seen in the 175 Wynford proposal.



DMRI website: www.dmri.ca

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