About Us


Who We Are

Within months of joining the real estate industry many years ago, Ecko Jay, broker/owner of Ecko Jay Realty, promised himself that he would provide something different to clients in his approach to marketing, servicing, following-up, and negotiating commission structures in the purchase and sale of homes.

The response from the public to his innovative ways of selling Real Estate was so overwhelmingly positive that the community started seeing his name pop up everywhere. He was strongly urged by his many satisfied clients to set up his own company so that he would have full control of his work and also to ensure that his personal philosophies and beliefs would be carried out. His company was welcomed with open arms by the community and business has since grown by leaps and bounds.

Ecko Jay Realty’s past and present vendors have appreciated the fact that the agents belonging to this company do not just put up a sign, do some open houses, throw in a couple of ads and hope for the best. They expect, rightly, that they will be looked after in every sense of the phrase. Ecko Jay Realty’s agents take pride in their ability to listen to their vendors with care, to put them at ease and to form a tailor-made marketing plan that will take into account every aspect of the vendor’s needs and hopes. Agent and vendors come up with this plan together so that it is totally suitable in all ways, both to the marketing trends of the moment and to the emotional and financial needs of the client, as well.


Why We Succeed

Has Ecko Jay Realty had chances to expand? Many. Having seen our market-share and dominance of the area, major national and international franchisors have approached Ecko Jay Realty.

Despite requests to amalgamate and come under their banner, the company has adhered to its philosophy of “quality is more important than size” and our increasing number of clientele proves that they like it this way.

Ecko Jay Realty has the highest of standards when selecting staff and agents. It’s the quality and not the quantity that matters more. Ecko Jay Realty takes pride in the fact that all its agents are highly skilled and professional with dynamic marketing and negotiation skills. All of our managers and salespeople are available to you 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. We are never more than a phone call away.

Not sure what your options are? In our changing times, financial expertise is more important than ever. Whether you are buying or selling, let Ecko Jay Realty’s experienced professionals guide you through the maze of financial options available to you. Our numerous contacts with experienced professionals in banks and mortgage brokerages will pre-qualify and assist buyers in making their purchase. Ecko Jay Realty excels in creative financing, coming up with innovative ideas when buying or selling.

However, there are times and situations when property owners need to move outside of the community. Whether the move is to a different city, a different province or even a different country, Ecko Jay Realty can assist. Through an extensive networking arrangement and excellent referral services that link up with other real estate companies, not just in Canada but across the world, we will look after you by making the right contact for you in the location you want to move to. Our company has excellent relocation contacts and a strong referral networking system in Europe, Asia and North America. Ecko Jay Realty has represented and liaised with the government of Quebec, the Dutch Embassy and South African and Japanese banks, to name a few.

Our Commitment to You

  • Ecko Jay Realty will guide you through the entire process of selling your home, starting from the time you decide to put the property up for sale.
  • Ecko Jay Realty will assist you in preparing your house so that you will get the best possible price.
  • Ecko Jay Realty will provide professional staging consultation.
  • Ecko Jay Realty will leave no stone unturned to find the right buyer for your property.
  • Ecko Jay Realty shows your house by appointment only and at your convenience.
  • Ecko Jay Realty will constantly be searching for new, creative ways to market your home and advertise your home every day until it is SOLD.
  • Ecko Jay Realty will advertise your property on Internet sites and promote it to our large re-location contacts.
  • Ecko Jay Realty will break down any and all costs for you so that you understand the entire process.
  • Ecko Jay Realty will follow up on every showing and report to you on a bi-weekly basis with comments/feedbacks.
  • Ecko Jay Realty will maintain confidentiality.
  • Ecko Jay Realty will be fully accountable.
  • Ecko Jay Realty will provide tips to help you prepare for the tasks of packing and moving.
  • Ecko Jay Realty will guide you as to what to do until the “sold” sign goes up, the deal is closed and you receive the proceeds from the sale.
  • Ecko Jay Realty will look after your best interests, negotiate the best terms, conditions and price for you.
  • Ecko Jay Realty will demonstrate integrity, loyalty and sincerity in all dealings and market your property in an ethical, professional and sincere manner.
  • Ecko Jay Realty will do all this for YOU — AND MUCH MORE!