How’s Your Home’s Water Quality?

February 13, 2023

January 15, 2023


How’s Your Home’s Water Quality?


Water quality in the home is a concern for many homeowners. While municipal supplies are rigorously tested and monitored, certain conditions in the home can affect water quality after it’s delivered from the water main.


Galvanized pipes are not uncommon in older homes. They are usually corroded and should be replaced. They can rust away from the inside out, causing leaks and water damage, and can also trap contamination from old lead service lines.


Whenever possible, replace pipes and fixtures containing lead with new materials.


Filtration systems can effectively reduce environmental contaminants. Options include faucet or pitcher filters, plumbed, and reverse osmosis filters that treat the entire home’s supply.


Other contaminants that don’t affect health may adversely alter water taste, odor, and/or color.


Well maintenance should be on a regular schedule and the water tested regularly for safety and quality.



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