July, 2023

January 26, 2024

Ecko and team,


Just wanted to thank you for your exceptional work in getting our house prepared and sold recently. It was quite the eye opener for us how much work is involved, and you and your team navigated the process flawlessly. In hindsight, I feel very lucky that we were referred to you. We tend to believe that we know the real estate business and market, but I was a little surprised at how little we knew and how much your years of experience made a difference.


Also wanted to mention that your professionalism and gentle approach made what could have been a difficult situation quite easy. Your approach to the whole process was to keep the end goal in mind. And what an end goal it was…. we are elated! Thank you for your “extra” work for us, and to your team for their very polite and respectful interaction. Having been in the client business myself, I cannot emphasize enough how important these things are. I trusted you from start to finish which alleviated a lot of the stress that could come from a major event like this. I would encourage everyone who is thinking of selling or buying a property to go through you and your firm.


Thank you so much!!