Wingreen Court Development Project

December 21, 2021

November 22, 2021


Wingreen Court Development Project


This is a cluster of low-rise rental buildings at 200 the Donway East just north of Lawrence. The buildings have been purchased by Northridge Securities. At this time, we don’t know their intentions but they will likely wish to redevelop it and increase the density significantly.


Wingreen Court Apartments are 9 low-rise rental buildings in Toronto’s Don Mills community, located at 200 the Donway East just north of Lawrence. The properties include 2-11 Wingreen Court, Don Mills and were purchased by Northbridge Capital Acquisitions back in March, 2021.


As per now, there is no information online regarding any possible upcoming developments.


Northbridge Capital do not show this lot as their present project on their website, hence the team is probably still in the process of developing a plan.


However, analyzing Northbridge Capitals website and portfolio with their past and current properties, one can see that they transform lots mainly into office/retail buildings. Comparing the current lot to their completed projects, the density of this lot should not differ much as well as they usually make buildings not taller than 8 levels. The current building is very old (built in 1955) and if Northbridge Capital is going to build another modern office/retail building – it will only enrich and upgrade the neighbourhood.


We will keep a close eye on this development and will update you as information becomes available.



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